What is Vahan Samanvay App, how to get stolen vehicle information online?


The automobile sector in India is developing very rapidly. As the income of the people is increasing, people are paying more attention to buying new means of transport from the automobile sector or buying second hand (used) vehicles. But when a person buys a used car, the biggest problem for him is how to know? That there is no criminal case of any kind on the vehicle which is being purchased by him. Or is that car stolen?

People had to go to the office of National Crime Records Bureau for this information and the process of getting information from there was very difficult. The National Crime Records Bureau working under the Government of India has developed Vahan Samanvay Portal and Vahan Samanvay App keeping in mind this problem of the people. With the help of Vehicle Coordination Portal and Vahan Samanvay App, any person can easily check the criminal status of the vehicle purchased online with just a few clicks from his home or office. Vahan Samanvay

If you want to get detailed information regarding Vahan Samanvay App/Portal, then definitely read this post of mine till the end. Because through this post detailed information will be provided on all aspects related to Vahan Samanvay App.

Vahan Samanvay Portal is a national portal of the Government of India. The main objective of the Government of India behind starting this portal is to establish a single window for providing information regarding the vehicle. Information regarding vehicle theft is uploaded from all police stations across the country on this portal. The Vehicle Coordination Portal has been developed by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and the National Crime Records Bureau maintains the portal and uploads the information. Any person can get information of criminal record of any registered vehicle online with the help of Vahan Samanvay Portal.

Vahan Samanvay App (Mobile/iPhone)
Most of the people in India belong to the poor or middle class. Those who do not have a laptop or desktop. Whenever they have to get any kind of information or service online, they visit any cyber cafe. Where they are charged a lot in connection with the service. Today India is one of the largest mobile user countries in the world. Today even the person sitting at the bottom rung of the society must have a mobile phone.

Keeping this problem of the people in mind, National Crime Record Bureau has developed Vahan Samanvay App to make the benefits of the service provided on the Vahan Samanvay Portal easily accessible to the general public. Any citizen can download the Vehicle Coordination App in his mobile phone and get the criminal record in respect of any vehicle with the help of it.

How To Download Vahan Samanvay App?
If a person wants to download Vahan Samanvay App with the help of Vahan Samanvay Portal, then follow the steps given below.

First of all visit the official website of National Crime Records Bureau. The home page of the official website will open.
The Vahan Samanvay App link will appear under the NCRB Application section on the home page.
Click on the Vahan Samanvay link given below the Vahan Samanvay App icon.
On clicking on the link of Vahan Samanvay, a new page will open, where you will see the link to download Vahan Samanvay Mobile App for both Android Phone and iPhone platform with icon.
If you want to download Vahan Samanvay App in Android Phone, then click on the icon of ‘Android App on Google Play’.
As soon as you click on the ‘Android App on Google Play’ icon, you will be redirected to the Google Play Store. After login from Google Play Store, click on Install button.
A new window will open, select your device from here and click on the Installed button.
In a few moments Vahan Samanvay App will be downloaded in your mobile.
If you want to download Vahan Samanvay App in Android Phone, then click on the icon of ‘Download on the App Store’.
After clicking on the ‘Download on the App Store’ icon, you will be redirected to the App Store. From where you can download Vahan Samanvay App on iPhone by following the guidelines.


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